1. If you want to follow me I have a button on the top righthand side which says "Join this site" - if you click on it, follow the instructions and it should work. Otherwise you can to to The blogger Home Site, click on "add" and put my Blogger address in the box that appears and click follow and that should do the trick (I hope).

    1. Thanks. Couldn't find such a button, but I did something which might mean I'm now following you . . .

  2. I now have you on Google+ in a circle, but you are not yet following my blog. you have to go to and click on "Join this Site" on the top righthand corner to be able to follow me.

  3. Glad to see you posting on my Blogger. Even though I can't seem to make it work I can at least read my friends posts and enjoy what you are doing.

  4. Hi Neil! Just popping by to say I'm alive and kicking. Hope all is well with you and your clan! Gael

  5. Hi Neil, how are you finding this site? You are still showing up as "hidden" for some reason. But..... I know how to find you. LOL

  6. Hi Neil

    I hope you're enjoying your time in France. It's really cold here now so you may be in the best place

    I'm afraid I am totally lost in the void. I have failed to move my Blogs anywhere although I have managed to download the text to my computer.

    I also found a list of my .jpg files on Multiply but can't find a way to copy them.

    I joined Blogster [or something - there are so many similar names and some just morph into others]. Blogger seems to be 'Blogspot' as well.

    It all seems so easy when you start the download and then they start using technical jargon that I don't understand.

    I am very cross!!


    I have a Blogger Account with a profile picture and everything but I have no idea how to create a blog - the address I enter is 'not available'

  7. There is another place that a lot of Multiply people have gone.. come by and check it out.. this is a lot better and easier to use..