Tuesday, 7 August 2012


What's the matter with people?  Oh, OK, maybe not all people.  But I guess I mean the media.  I don't suppose it even gets a mention overseas, but here, every day, we are beset with stories about the Olympics (which start in about 10 days time, unless you are interested in the footbal, which starts in a week) and they are all bad.  Security is a shambles, border checks will be overwhelmed, Heathrow won't be able to cope, motorists are confused about the road markings, transport will be overcrowded, food is too expensive, tickets unsold, tracks waterlogged, beach volleyball players having to wear tracksuits, etc.  All negative. 

TV, radio and newspapers alike seem only to find members of the public who are wont to complain about everything Olympic.  The Jeremy Kyle Show yesterday (which I know only puts down and moans about everything) managed to find listeners who claimed they were already fed up with the Olympics and wouldn't watch any of it.  Someone even complained that their soaps were being shown at a different time because of the Olympics.  Come on people!

This is going to be the biggest sporting event ever seen in this country.  It is going to be accompanied by a massive festival.  It's going to be fabulous! 

It is such a major event, there are bound to be hitches.  But I'm not a bit worried.  It will all go smoothly and we will all have a great time.

Yesterday, the Olympic torch passed through this area and thousands of people turned out, even at the cack of dawn, to watch and cheer the runners.  These are the people the media ought to interview, never mind the handful of moaners they use.  Let's start having a few more positive stories now. 

And what a contrast with the athletes themselves.  They are all so excited and hyped up for the event.  And of course they have been training incredibly hard for years for this opportunity.  Let's make sure they are not the only positive ones.  Let's all get behind them.  And let's protest about the beach volleyball cover up.

Apart from anything else, Olympic athletes are almost all young; isn't it wonderful to see so many young people belying the unfortunate image they have had to put up with from to time and doing remarkable things.  Let's hope the next generation will in fact be inspired.

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