Tuesday, 7 August 2012


I know - I’m supposed to be working.  Just going to start now.  Oh, it’s lunch time.  
I looked at myself in the mirror last night before going to bed and was shocked to see how much skin I had.  Reminded me of that baby pug that appears on cute birthday cards – all folds and no bulk.  Still, now the malarial hue has receded, I don’t look a survivor from Changi any more.  That's a lot of ribs though.
Thanks to my friend Gael, I’ve now overcome this lack of interest in food.  At least, I’ve found a solution.  It was enjoying those pies yesterday that pointed the way.  From now on, I shall only eat food beginning with ‘P’.  This means I only have to look in the refrigerator and think about how to spell the food and not whether I fancy it or not.  As I think I said, most things seem to taste OK, so eating is not a problem, if I remember to do it.  But now I have an incentive!  Of course, Pinot Grigio is still a bit of a problem – I have discovered I don’t like that any more, but I’ve found some Pinotage in the cellar, so that’s going to be my tipple tonight.  Fingers crossed.

I started my day with Puffs (Sugar) and then moved on to Pepper Houmous.  This is a delight of red peppers and chilli in a bed of humus.  I spread it thick on Poppyseed bread, which seemed to work.  I washed that down with Powdered coffee which I seem to like too.  So far, so good. 

I’ve just found some Port Salut and Plum and Port Jelly in the frig.  I think it must have been left over from Christmas.  Not sure about the jelly, but the cheese was fabulous.  Mmmm.  I had a Pear with another chunk of Port Salut to make sure I was getting my 5 a day.  That was rather nice too.

I'm now going to warm up a carton of Plum Tomato and Basil soup, because it’s got a little cold here.  Tonight we’re having another Pie (Cottage), so that’s appropriate.  I think we have some Peas (Sugar snap) in the cupboard too.  I shan’t bother to tell you about this any more; I expect you’re as bored with it as I am.  I'm eating now anyway, so that's all on that subject.  I’ll write about something else in future. 
I’ve seen many diets publicised in the papers from time to time.  They will all work, provided you get the exercise that goes with them.  Sitting in an armchair and stuffing yourself with fruit is no different, or better, than sitting there and stuffing yourself with carbs.  And Veggie diets are just twice as hard, since, as well as being hungry, you keep dreaming of sausages.  So, forget the Vegan diet, I think I can safely recommend the P-Gan diet. 

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