Sunday, 19 August 2012


Or kicking my thumbs.  Just sitting here.  No Olympics to watch on television.  Not doing anything in fact.  Apart from trying to think of a sport I can do and in which I might compete in 2016.  Maybe heel twiddling could become an Olympic event?  Or maybe I should just go to Rio without competing and just enjoy the atmosphere.  But I think I have to go.  After the closing ceremony yesterday, a lot of Brazilian people came into the arena to give us a taste of what we could expect in Rio.  I wasn't much attracted by the man in the white suit with a beard round his neck, although I gather he is quite famous in Brazil and dances a bit of samba.  But the accompanying ladies looked interesting.  Beach volleyball is clearly going to be even more enthralling in four years time.  Yes, must go to Rio.

But the fact remains that I have nothing to do now.  I am inspired by the Olympics.  I'm not sure I'm the generation they intended to inspire, but here I am desperate to get into something.  But what?

I've watched rowing, sailing, taekwando, shooting, running, jumping, horse-riding, everything!  I've just been gripped and entirely captivated by the prowess of all the sportsmen and sportswomen involved.  I am totally motivated to get on and do something more than just sit here on this sofa watching others do the running and jumping.  The Olympics have ended and now it's time to get involved.

Hang on a moment.  The football season starts next weekend.  I can sit here and watch that.  That's my free time sorted then.  Isn't it great to be inspired!?

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