Saturday, 8 September 2012


 At last!  After nearly a year of argument and persuasion, she has finally agreed to my having a Threesome.  I have good stamina and a high level of fitness now, so I was convinced that now was the time.  We had to compromise in the end; this is the essence of a good relationship. 

Yes, while she went to the toy shop to buy things for grandchildren, I went to the Haslemere Beer Festival to try a pint of the Sherfield Brewery’s new golden ale, Threesome.


It’s called a Beer Festival, but it’s basically a lot of fat men standing around, drinking and discussing football and, every 15 seconds, mentioning sex.

Threesome BTW is a rather pale beer, with lots of hops.  Tasty, but a bit weak and lacking in malt for my taste.  I wanted to try Greensand from the Surrey Hills brewery, but they’d run out by the time I got there.  ‘Must be good then,’ said the barperson.  ‘WTF use is that to me?’ I thought.

Those of my age will know that Pressed Rat and Warthog is a creamy beverage.  It’s dark and chocolatey and plummy, like Moira Stuart.  Bucking Fastard, that I just had to try, is gold with a flowery taste and a kick.  Stopped Dancing, from Havant, is stronger than it seems – tastes of mowed lawns, but not remarkable.  Armada, brewed to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the sinking of the Armada off the Sussex coast, is a much better bitter taste, but is even stronger.  And Hammerpot Woodcote is an old favourite, tangy and bitter.

Didn't try the other 45 beers.

Off to bed now.  On my own.


  1. Apparently Derby is the Real Ale capital of England ... I throw that in just to throw you.

    I am a lover of the darker ales [as opposed to arts] although I do like the odd paler one. Indeed I tried a pint of Bridge End Brewery's 'What The Fox's Hat' recently. I was just about to ask how the name originated when something made me stop and think ... then I realised. Twas a close run thing though.

    I hope you sleep well.

    1. 'What The Fox's Hat' - Yes, you would need to be careful how you pronounced this.

  2. lol

    There's always another day for the other 45. :)

  3. Then you might have enjoyed the Hammerpot Bottle Wreck or Longdog Lamplight, Charlie. Or what about Titanic Chocolate and Vanilla Stout?