Friday, 14 September 2012


OK, this picture is not exactly of a contraption, but I am taking advantage of the PP promise that we can interpret liberally during this freestyle period.  So I offer this:

I came across it in a small town in the West Country during my wanderings.  To the side there was a town Council notice which said, 'we have sought planning permission to redevelop this site, meanwhile we have planted this garden for you to sit in and enjoy.'  I was so impressed, I went and sat in it.  At the rear, there is a fence, and I discovered that behind it, the Council had stored all their construction machinery and contraptions (aha!).


  1. what a beautiful garden!!! I wish mine looked like that!

    [and learning a little more about blogger: I found that when I clicked on the photo, it enlarged for me!]

  2. A neat idea, in more ways than one!!

  3. Very well done , so colorful .

  4. Imaginative, as any contraption is, and with beauty /:-)

  5. How very clever you are....I like that.... as you are also self-effacing.....

    I want you to get your butt over to Blogger. I won't be coming here often in the future and never by next month.

  6. Yes, I see a wheel barrow back there, that's definitely a contraption! And what a lovely garden you found, making this a very worthy and beautiful entry!

    Picture Perfect ~ Contraption