Friday, 21 September 2012


Sussex Border Path Leg 5b

After lunch we walked through the churchyard, in which conveniently the pub seemed to be built.

Passing a house with an interesting trompe l'oeuil wall.

 And further signs of autumn.

The path then led through the grounds of a former country house, now a nursing home.

And through the gardens which had been left to run riot.  You could see the invasive nature of the rhododendrons.


We were constantly reminded that we now nearing Gatwick airport.


Here we entered Stane Street, the old Roman Road from Chichester to London (or Noviomagus Reginorum to Londinium).


And like all Roman roads, it just went on and on.

But we turned off through the grounds of a lovely old farm house.

We were watched all the way through the farm.


And took a short cut across a pheasant shoot from which birds constantly lept shrieking.


You can see one of the feed bins on the edge of the cover.  To a scene of idyllic English countryside, with sheep,


and a llama . . .


But from here the destination pub (and bus stop for buses to the station) was soon in view. 


  1. There's not much that beats walking through our fascination countryside ... if anything [at my age].

  2. I really enjoyed this walk. So many interesting things to see. Love the porkers and the llama's toothy grin.