Sunday, 21 October 2012


I promised some autumn pics of Haslemere. Unfortunately my computer has packed up again. We had a power surge the other evening just after I had loaded them up and deleted them from my camera. So they are lost to me for the moment. I have two fuses and a surge protector between the mains and the computer and one of the fuses duly blew, but still the computer wouldn't restart. I suspect it is also in the autumn of the computer's years. The annoying thing about the laptop though is the extreme sensitivity of the mouse. I have just downloaded an unwanted photograph as my desktop theme for example simply by touching the mouse area too firmly (apparently). I have now had to waste about 15 minutes changing it back.

Incidentally, it's not just the leaves that have benefited from the wet summer this year; there have been an extraordinary variety of fungi. Whilst battling with the infestations in my garden, I have enjoyed seeing the examples I come across in the woods and fields around here. Here are a couple from today.


Anyway, to give you a flavour of the colours this year, below are a collection of pics from this weekend from Ramster, a house and garden in Haslemere open to the public a couple of times a year, and the Winkworth arboretum in Godalming.





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    1. The second fungus was growing in the middle of the car park. I found out when I got home that it is a shaggy ink cap and edible. Too late now, but it would have saved me the £1 I spent at Tescos on the way home!