Sunday, 18 November 2012


Hope to be back onlıne properly şoon.  Meanwhıle just a quıck note to say that yesterday we managed to clımb to the saddle of Mount Olympos (Tahtalı).  The şaddle ıs at 1850m and we start at a lıttle vıllage at 850m and descend after the saddle to a road where our bus waıts at about the same heığht the other sıde.  Absolutely extraordinary scenery - Cedars of Lebanon, dead trees and rock falls makıng a sort of moonscape.  But I made ıt!  It was my personal challenge to do ıt (oh, and brıng everyone else back safely, which I also dıd).

Had our last bıg walk today past the eternal flames (cue Bangles song) to Cıralı beach.  I was surprısed at how rough the sea was; never seen ıt lıke that before.  Pıcs as ever later.

Back to Antalya tomorrow and then home (and sausages!).  Be baçk wıth you properly after that (and wıll read your bloğs then too.  Honest.)


  1. lol....totally enjoying what little of your adventure we are getting! You must be having an amazing time.... ;-)

  2. Sounds great, this part in particular I look forward to seeing photos of!!

  3. How interesting and am looking forward to the photos. Turkey is an interesting country (in the meanwhile a book tip - Orhan Pamuk - turkish author, won some sort of prize for writing a couple of years ago)

    1. I read 'I Am Red' by Pamuk, Pat, whıch was a fascınatıng book.