Monday, 24 December 2012


Well, I got home safely from the West Country.

It was rather odd actually - we had a couple of really nice sunny days and not a lot of rain at all.  We also went shopping in Exeter, where there have been terrible floods, but saw nothing of that.  In fact, although part of the road to and from Devon had been flooded, it wasn't when we passed through.  At one point, we crossed the River Yarty and the River Exe and were shocked to see that they have become one river and, closer to home, through parts of Hampshire, it felt as though we were driving over the Florida Cays with sea on all sides of us.  But otherwise no signs of flooded townships.

The flood warnings are still out though and many people will this year have a rather damp home in which to enjoy their Christmas and I have seen pubs on television that have had to cancel parties and will have to remain closed over Christmas because of flooding.  I wish all of those affected as happy a family time as they can manage over the next few days and hope for a better time for them in 2013.

Similarly, I hope all those trying to travel by train and public transport will succeed in getting home for Christmas as we did.

We have wrapped all the presents and packed the hamper to take to children's house tomorrow.  So now we just have to drink another bottle and then stagger along to the carol service.


  1. I saw lots of newly-formed lakes that used to be fields during by drive down to Weymouth to visit my parents on Christmas Eve. Driving conditions were bloody awful, but arrived in one piece.

    1. Glad to hear it. At last I'm beginning to be pleased we bought a house on a hill . . .

  2. It looks as though Derbyshire and the Peak District are largely unscathed ~ another advantage to living in the north !