Thursday, 6 December 2012


Every town we visited in the last few days seems to have had a Christmas market.  They are all much the same - local produce to sample, sausages and cakes to eat, mulled wine to drink.  But I'm not bored with them yet . . .

This is the cheese man at Petersfield Christmas market.

Christmas fairs 2012

It was beginning to get colder when we went to our own Haslemere market.

Christmas fairs 2012

Since then, we have had snow on two consecutive days.  Doesn't bode well for when winter is properly upon us.

The beauty of Christmas markets though (apart from eating and drinking) is that you can buy all your Christmas goodies.  I splashed out on a Christmas cake.



  1. Sausages.....cake....mulled wine.....what's not to like?? LOL.

    Have had a couple of frosty mornings here, but no snow (long may that continue!!).

  2. true, all those goodies, and only to choose! lol.... that's Christmas for me!