Monday, 10 December 2012


We went up to London yesterday to see the lights:

Hyde Park 011

Oh, OK.  Here's a pic of Harrods.

Hyde Park 006

Eventually we got to Hyde Park.  There is a German Christmas market there at the moment which is breathtaking in its scale. Of course we weren't the only ones to visit.

Hyde Park 015

But I still found it incredible that all this stuff had been brought over from Germany for our Christmas. 

Hyde Park 025

And not just equipment, but German staff and food and drink too.

Hyde Park 031

And so, naturally enough, we went straight here.

Hyde Park 021

Then we went to see all the rides - things which went up and down to and from vast heights and round and round at great speed and potentially did terrible things to our bratwursts.  Here's my view of the rides.

Hyde Park 027

In fact, I think this was my favourite ride.

Hyde Park 035

The evening was finished off with Amarula lattes.  A rather good time had by all.  I'm beginning to enjoy Christmas.  Three parties to squeeze in tomorrow though; wish me luck.


  1. Love this. Photos are fantastic. I like the lights but wouldn't want to go on rides. 3 parties tomorrow, wow you are going to be busy.

  2. I'll struggle through - for the sake of the festive season.

  3. Wow, that German Christmas market looks great!! The food, the drink, the rides....what's not to like!!

  4. Thanks for the photos of London in christmas, bring back som good memories. One thing I don't understand is this German market thing that seems to suddenly be in. Of course they are something Chritmassy special, and we can go on countless different organised coach trips to Germany to visit the markets from Switzerland. But I just don't see why England has to have German markets. Perhaps Bratwurst isn't so special for me, living in Switzerland. We eat cervelat more in any case. But surely England has something Christmassy special for an english christmas market.

  5. Christmas is coming ... Wildgoose is getting fat. They don't make songs like they used to do.

    As I type this I dare say you're at your 1st [?] ... 2nd [?] ... or 3rd party. I hope you're holding up.

    1. Must remember these words when I'm next singing!

  6. Thanks for taking me with you :-))

  7. I survived, Charlie, thanks. But several tons of sausage rolls and mince pies didn't.

    Yes, I don't know why these markets have to have such a German flavour. Most do. But this was something exceptional - they will not even return to Germany until after Christmas.

    Glad you all enjoyed it with me though . . .

  8. "all this stuff had been brought over from Germany for our Christmas" ;-) - Indeed the German Xmas markets are also invading Liverpool & Manchester... Do you think there's anyone left in Germany?

    We went to Manchester the other week - you couldn't move. Unfortunately as a result you couldn't get close enough to any of the stalls to try any of their wares either... but ho-hum can't have it all!

    1. Maybe German Christmases are actually crap and they all want to be over here.