Wednesday, 26 December 2012


I seem to do this far too often.  And I told myself I would stop.  But I just had to post this.  FAB?

Thunderbirds and all its predeceesors formed the backdrop to my early life or at least my early TV watching life.  I still look on them, if not with affection, then at least with amazement at their production.  RIP Gerry Anderson.


  1. Blimy, that's a blast from the past. Almost forget them, and yet I was glued to the tv when they were running. I think that was even in my teenager years, could that be? in the sixties some time.

  2. Gerry's TV puppet shows formed the backdrop to much of my childhood, and then his live-action shows (UFO, Space 1999) into my teen years. Thanks for all the memories. RIP Gerry.