Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Yes, I've started to use my teach yourself Spanish daily calendar.  ¡Hola 2013!

What else am I going to do this year?  Well, first I'm going to decorate the spare bedroom.  Usually we work our way through the house, repairing, decorating, refurbishing.  And then, when everything is new and spick and span, we sell at a vast profit.  That's the plan anyway.  Hasn't exactly happened ever yet.  But this time we have been more relaxed with our refurbishing, partly because we are planning to stay here a little longer than we usually stay in a house and partly because the house is already worth less on the market than it was when we bought it.  Ah, well.  But we have gradually decorated our way through the house anyway and have now reached the spare bedroom.

Just after Christmas we went to Homebase and found a whole pile of paints, paper, plaster, etc on special offer.  So not sad, then, spending the holiday at the sales!

The spare bedroom then looking like a designer room in a model home, we will fly off somewhere to find some winter sun.  What is sun?  You may well  ask!  We did see a bit of sun today actually - maybe the first time for longer than I can remember - but it was decidedly chilly, far too cold to walk up and down the High Street in my vest anyway.  I think we'll also have to make sure we go somewhere where I can practise my Spanish.  Buenas noches amigos.


  1. I really have to make an effort to some decorating here now that the Christmas and New Year season is over. But I really hate decorating.

    Sun was out here today, too. Took me a few minutes to realise what that bright thing in the sky was!!

  2. I am always impressed with folk who learn other languages.