Friday, 11 January 2013


I've had enough of this weather.  When it's not raining, it's cold.  It's even cold sometimes when it is raining.  I did catch sight of the sun today, but I don't think it saw me.  My skin is pallid and waxy looking; my blood is the consistency of readimix Polyfilla (and it may set anytime).  I am still coughing (two months now).  My trench foot is playing up and I fear I am contracting rickets.  I was born to live in temperate zones, not the Tundra.  I am fed up with wearing waterproof clothing and fleeces.  And I haven't even unpacked my short sleeve shirts from last year's winter storage yet.  I NEED SUN!

So, courtesy of, I am off tomorrow to the Canary Islands.  We are staying this time in Fuerteventura, which I don't know and which may be overdeveloped and awful, but it's January, kids are at school, and the island is known as the 'Island of Eternal Spring', which sounds nice.  The hotel has a pool, there's a beach nearby, the cafe's open, there's a national park and a mountain to climb, . . . what else do I need?

I gather that the weather is likely to turn even worse here next week and it might even snow.  I'm so sorry to hear that, all you who have to stay at home, and I feel really guilty that the temperature in Fuerteventura will be 25 degrees higher than that in the UK; if I could do anything about it, I would.  Honest.  I'll be back in touch if when I return.


  1. It's been so wet here the last 12 months I'm beginning to develop gills and webbed feet!! Enjoy your winter break in the sun!!

  2. Enjoy the sun. I get depressed when the sun doesn't shine for a while. We have cold in the winter her in the Texas panhandle. Lots of wind, some snow at times. I find myself hibernating way too and that is not good for my old body. I need sun and time riding my horses.

  3. Everybody in Canada can identify with you. Our landlords just went to El Paso yesterday and it is minus 12C. here at home. Wishing I could go with you......send pictures.