Monday, 28 January 2013


A couple of signs that caught my attention in Fuerteventura.

I did find out what this was supposed to mean, but I think it's fabulous! Don't you just love the swimming trunks?!

Fuerteventura 023 

And this is a restaurant I was not persuaded to visit.

Fuerteventura 110


  1. Yes, the first one is pretty obvious. What's wrong with the second one? Apart from it being doubtful that there ARE that many ways of preparing cod, I see no other problem.

  2. Well, all right. I thought offering 1001 different fish might have been a better selling point than a restaurant that specialised in serving up the same fish different ways.

    As for the first one, it was to changing rooms for wheelchair users, but I had never seen that sign before. I thought it was a bit obscure, but that may just be because I have not seen it before. But I loved the unnecessary clothing; I can't believe that spotted trunks is the universal sign for swimwear.

    It may be obvious now that there wasn't much to interest me on this holiday . . .

  3. I liked the first sign , haven seen one like that .
    Why not visiting the restaurant because it wasnt like the one we have been to in Istanbul ????? :-))

    1. Yes, a good range of fish would have been nice.