Wednesday, 9 January 2013


It's quite interesting what websites you come across when idly surfing.  Some are extraordinarily specialised.

We have one of those living room open fires that has an ash collection point outside the house.  Over all the years that the fire has been in operation, the metal ash pan at the bottom of it has gradually deteriorated until we decided recently it should be replaced.  After a search of suppliers, we came across a website call Ash Pan World.  Who'd have thought?  That's pretty specialised!  Anyway, we ordered one that looked like ours, it duly arrived and it fits!!

I was looking through various sports suppliers a couple of days ago when I discovered that various pieces of so-called health equipment can also have very specialised applications.  I found a site called Fit Fur Life, a company handling treadmills for dogs.  I wasn't aware such things even existed (I've heard of dogs and treadmills, just not canine exercise machines - good for those rainy mornings?).

Finally, you may have seen this in the news a month or so ago, but there is also a site called Inodore, which you may know is a French word meaning 'odourless'.  This site is where you can find underpants that absorb body odours, particularly those accidental ones that can embarrass you in lifts.  Maybe this is not to be so specialised for long - in due course you will also find there vests and socks . . .

Any interesting sites you've come across recently?


  1. There are some things there I want to buy for Old Man Watching.

  2. I'd heard of the treadmills-for-dogs before but not the other two. Quite specialised indeed!!

    Can't say that I've seen any interesting or unusual sites recently.

  3. NO, but my cats are ferverishly looking for treadmill sites for cats to keep them fit for spring when the mice start running.

    1. This is want you want then, kitties:

  4. features Venezuela on the way to failure.

  5. Horses have had treadmills for years.