Monday, 4 February 2013


I have just written a cheque.  Not many people do that these days, do they. 

We are making progress with refurbishing this house, slowly but slowly.  We finally had the last bedroom carpeted today (just the stairs and landing to do now . . .).  When it came to paying I had the choice of going to the shop with my card, telephoning my card details through, giving my card to the fitter who would then telephone, cash (unsurprisingly I don't have wads of cash in the drawer), or writing a cheque.  For once the cheque seemed the easiest method.

But when I came to write the date, I had to remember not only to write '2013', but also 'February'.  Time seems to pass very quickly these days (except in my method of paying bills); I don't know where January went (or 2012 for that matter).  But it is also a commentary on how rarely I need to write the date these days either.  Usually I get a bill on screen and just press 'OK' and type in my PIN.  The date doesn't come into it.  I think I only use a pen now to score at bridge and several places even have automated bridge scoring and wi-fi scorers anyway.

I used to joke that we would stop writing by hand altogether one day and just push buttons for predictive text and PIN numbers.  That would mean I wouldn't have to worry at all about days of the week or months or years; all I would have to remember is my PIN number (and luckily I have that written on my wrist).  Maybe the day I stop thinking is nearer than I thought.


  1. Writing? Does not compute.........does not compute..... LOL.

  2. Please get that PIN # tattooed onto your big toe. I still like writing cheques when I use my calligraphy pen and can do it with a flourish. Maybe I am trying to show those young whippersnappers some class. I bet the Queen has an elegant penmanship.

  3. I like to illustrate cheques when I give them for gifts, otherwise I realise I don't write them very often now. I have considered having my PIN on my toe, Karyn, but I've decided it would be too tricky to read at an ATM.