Thursday, 18 April 2013


I'm off tomorrow for a long weekend in Bosworth.  This time the battle is going to be over the dinner table.  It's the annual meeting of the Kobe St Georges Society. which this year takes place in the venerable Bosworth Hall.  Tomorrow night will be spent on the battlefield and I expect tomorrow we'll go off to see a council car park in Leicester.  Then comes the big night with barons of beef, etc.  It will be especially poignant this year, since, those of you who know me will remember, I was barely out of hospital for last year's dinner and certainly didn't do it justice.  This year I will attempt my Henry VIII impression over dinner.  Let battle commence!

See you next week.


  1. Enjoy it - are the Master Chef team doing the catering? Just wondering

  2. Does you "Henry VIII impression" include being rude to the Pope and disowning Catherine of Aragon?

  3. I will look forward to hearing out you got on ...