Monday, 22 April 2013


I spent the weekend in Leicester and thus had to undertake the Richard III tour.  Signs of Richard's influence on the city were everywhere.

This is the castle park.

 Where his statue now stands.

And this is the local book shop.

A pub.


This is the lounge in the hotel I stayed in in Market Bosworth.


Even the street names in the town bear King Richard's emblem.

 This is where Richard was earlier thought to have died.

And this is the bridge from which his body was once thought to have been thrown.

But we now know that he was buried in Greyfriars, where his skeleton was recently discovered.  Unfortunately, the site is currently closed:

But here is the cathedral where he will finally be laid to rest.


  1. very interesting photos. I just called in to wish you a very happy birthday, enjoy the remainder of the day.

  2. Thanks, Pat. Just back from meal out . . .