Friday, 21 June 2013


I have to admit that I sometimes (just sometimes mind) wonder whether artists are trying to make fun of us ordinary punters.  Or maybe the just want to extract money from us.

I thought that when I visited a Picasso museum once where they had a display of seemingly hundreds of plates on which Picasso had painted yellow blobs.  They were I think kn own as the 'sun plates'.  I suspect they took him a morning to do the lot and he then spent the rest of the day at the bullring.  I thought the same thing every time Damien Hirst brought out a new piece of 'art'.

Here's a piece from the recent Roy Lichtenstein, I think it was called 'Modern Sculpture' to compound the offence.  I think it's made out of an old trombone or a bedstead or maybe one of those trolley things from Ikea.  Some people (including the curator) probably think it's marvellous.  I think it's wonderful only because it has my reflection in it, which makes it more surrealist than deco.  Anyway, I think it's artsy-fartsy.

So this is my contribution to this week's Picture Perfect.


  1. Odd that it's called 'Modern Sculpture', it doesn't look modern to be, it has a kind of 1920's art-deco look to me.

  2. This is really an artistic shot Neil and you added something in it .