Monday, 24 June 2013


I don't actually need your advice or approval (or praise), but if you volunteer any, that'll be fine.

We have now worked our way around the house (refurbishmently speaking) and have reached the kitchen.  First, we got a quote for a new kitchen.  Then we got a quote for new cupboard doors only.  After that, I bought a pot of paint.

The problem is that, although our kitchen is not new, it does have solid wooden cupboards, or at least solid wooden doors.  So any new doors would probably be a downgrade.  On the other hand, it is a bit dark.  Here it is: 

Or at least one corner of it.  So I thought, before I spend several 1,000 pounds, I'll spent £50 on 2 pots of paint (one for the doors and one for the melamine carcassing) and see how it turns out.  The real concern was whether I could paint the melamine.

Here is the carcass after painting:


It's not bad is it.  So, buoyed by that success, I painted the doors.  Here's my workshop (AKA dining room):

And this morning I rehung the doors and fitted new handles.  What do you think?  New kitchen?

Now for the other 22 cupboards . . .  It would be nice if She Who Wants to Know When on Earth I'm Going to Finish would stop cooking for a day or two.


  1. Not a bad job at all. It'll certainly look lighter in there. It's not a job I would attempt, but that's because I'm a disaster area when it comes to any kind of DIY.

  2. WOOOWWW very well done . Congratulations.

  3. Looks a lot brighter but I think I would have to see it in the flesh to judge your success.

    1. I did think of posting a close-up, but decided that was too much braggadocio.

  4. Now that I have commented is there an easy way to get back to your consecutive blog page.? I always have trouble navigating and sometimes give up.

  5. Only praise from me Neil... Very impressive work.