Sunday, 28 July 2013


Bit of a busy couple of days.  For the first year, I was not in charge of the bridge tournament at my charity in Petersfield.  So I could sit and relax and play and keep my mind on the cards.  Or so I thought . . .

I ended up going to Petersfield at the crack of dawn to collect the tables from the local bridge club and helping deliver them to the tournament bvenuse.  Then, with an hour's break, I slipped round to The George for coffee.  Here's The George at 9 o'clock.

Yes, it was that lovely!

After bridge (more organising, crummy cards, fabulous lunch), I visited the lavender fields at Selborne, as the late afternoon was the best time to see them (and they were just still at their best).  Here's a couple of pics:

 The house.

 Display for Prince George?

 The lavender harvester.
Of course the place was crawling with bees. 


Not the best focussed, but I liked this pose.

Next morning we were at the Playhouse Theatre in Epsom for granddaughter's first stage appearance (no photography allowed of course).  And then down to Worthing.

En route we passed Box Hill.  You may remember that the Olympics cycle road race was held over the Hill and along the flat here last year.  The road is about to be closed again for the anniversary race.  I'll see if I can make it back there then.  Today though it was an excuse for a break here - in the valley by the Denbies Vineyard.

This was also the cue for the rain to begin at last (never thought I'd say that, but it's a while since we saw any).  This is Box Hill seen from the garden.

Fancy cycling over that?  We found a better way to spend an hour.

Early a.m. before we were back home, but a quieter Sunday ahead (back to refurbishing the kitchen.  Hmmm.).


  1. Loved your activity , seems that you enjoyed it , thanks for dharing .

  2. The lavender fields look lovely, I really like that shot of the red, white and blue flowers.

    It was nice to seen some rain, even if it was only a few cursory showers in these parts.

  3. How wonderful your journeys are. The birth of Prince George really did lift Canadian spirits. Those flowers were a timely honour to his arrival. But my own son was born at the same time 44 years ago and I am sure they bloomed as well for him. It was so good to read and see good news for a change, that made folk feel a little more emotionally settled and engaged. There is a reason for the Royals but I find it hard to articulate. I am a monarchist. Sorry but it is too late to change me now.