Thursday, 4 July 2013


The idea is to unravel the links between the individual songs.  Or it might be between the artists.  Or it might be something even more obscure.  Band members?  Anyway, although Ian and I seem to be the only ones playing, I hope you will at least enjoy the music, linked or not. 

The final song on Ian’s last Friday Four is here.

So, an easy one to start with, although avoiding all the more obvious possibilities – Ian knows who the singer is, but what’s the link between Ian’s final song and this one?

Hello, I’m Your Heart    Bette Bright

Then the link between that one and this next one is not so obscure either.

The Truth About Love    Pink

But can you find the link from that to this?

Star Trekkin’   The Firm

And then, maybe slightly more tricky, find the link from that song to this.

I am the Walrus   Bono


  1. Don't know if I'll have time to work out links, but I'll have a listen to the songs at the weekend.

  2. This is a very interesting quartet Neil... and not a lot comes to mind immediately... so this could be a good challenge. I'm on the case.... I'll either email you or send you a Facebook message or the like.

  3. Well, I guess you want some clues.

    One of Malcolm MacLaren's more notorious products was the Great Rock and Roll Swindle. Ian has already determined that Bette Bright appeared in that film. So there's your first link.

    The clue to the next link is in the song title.

    For the next link, consider why I chose the title song from the album of the same name.

    Then for the last link, Ian has already recognised that the subtitle of the Star Trekkin' song is Across the Universe . . .

    How's that?

  4. OK. Well, I think even Ian has given up on this one.

    Here are the answers (so simple when you consider them):

    Ian's last tune was by Malcolm McLaren, better known for his management of the Sex Pistols and his film The Great Rock and Roll Scandal in which appeared a certain Ms Bette Bright.

    I'm Your Heart links neatly with Pink, whose real name is Hart (waa that too obscure? Hmmm.)

    Ms Hart's featured album includes the delightful track Beam Me Up, a catchphrase of Star Trek, linking directly to the next song.

    The song's subtitle is Across the Universe, which is also the title of a film based on The Beatles' songs, which are sung by other artists, including Bono, who also stars in the film.

    Oh, maybe they were a bit tricky. I'll continue at some stage with some easier ones then . . .