Thursday, 18 July 2013


I like walking through parks when I am in cities.  Probably I prefer walking through the countryside, but when visiting cities (which is also nice), I like to find those little bits of countryside in city centres.
But lately I have been annoyed at the number of dogs that seem to be let off their leads and left to do what dogs do on the grass.  Of course a lot of owners clear up after their dogs now, but some don't. This makes it unpleasant when I want to have an al fresco meal on the grass or roly-poly down the hill.
And I notice a few blind people in my local park letting their guide dogs off the leash to stretch their legs for a bit.  I don't begrudge them that, but of course no one clears up after them.
But I also have to accept that there is a 'dog community'.  I noticed this on a bench in my local park the other day.  It commemorates a Dog Walkers Day in the park.  Lovely!  But not a day to lie on the grass . . .

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