Friday, 30 August 2013


I am off tomorrow for a couple of weeks in Andalusia. I shall be taking a group on a walking tour of Moorish and Mujedar architecture in Seville, Cordoba and Granada. I walked in Cordoba and Granada last year, but never made it to Seville. I shall also try to get the group out into the mountains a couple of times. So I'm fluctuating between pleasant excitement and abject terror at the moment.

I'll try to stay in touch, but may have to catch up when I return. There will no doubt be a pic or three to post too. Take care. Meanwhile, here's my current earworm for you to keep dancing to while I'm away. Some of you may recognise this as the Bose ad music. Well done Bose for promoting it! I just think it sounds so South African.   How do they do that?!


  1. Hope you have a great time, Neil. That's a beautiful part of Spain you'll be visiting.

    Great song!! I discovered it from the Bose ad and have been listening to it since.

  2. I wish you a nice tour , enjoy it the most .
    I thought you were coming to Turkey , what happened ?

  3. Hello, Neil, I have moved over here.

  4. Hoping no one has keeled over and that you're having a fantastic time.

  5. GREAT I will go look up the names of the places you are going to on a map.

  6. Hello. Just to say I'm back! Hi, Monique. Turkey next week, Fatos.

    Yes, it is a beautiful part of Spain, but it was going through a bit of a heat wave. Everyone enjoyed though and no injuries.

    I'll post some pics later. Might be a bit busy tomorrow shivering my timbers . . .