Tuesday, 29 October 2013


So we survived the hurricane with no more to show for it than an ankle deep carpet of beechnuts and acorns on the lawn.  We were maybe lucky, since we are within walking distance of both Sussex and Hampshire which were both badly hit.

And there were fatalities.  Despite all the warnings and all the preparations, sadly people died.  Not for want of precautions, but mostly just because of bad luck.  I can only repeat the old adage of how cruel fate is. 

But I was struck by all the photographs of damage in the newspapers.  Did you notice that every tree that fell had landed squarely on a motorcar?  Look.

 Fallen tree in Salisbury

 What can this mean?

One theory is that the laying of fibre optic cables has somehow weakened the roots of all the trees along the roadway thus making them susceptible to strong winds.  But why don't they fall sideways, rather than across the road then?  Another view is that there are just too many cars sitting along the roadside, so that trees cannot fall with hitting one of them.  But again, if they fell the other way, the cars at least would be safe.  I tend to believe that the trees are beginning to fight back.  Too long have they been subjected to carbon monoxide pollution.  Too often have they been struck and injured by wayward motorists.  Too great are the number of trees that have been felled to make way for new highways.

Well it can't just be coincidence, can it.


  1. It's as good a theory as any. LOL.

    I was all prepared for the storm, and then the damned thing changed track and missed here completely. Call me crazy, but I was rather disappointed.

  2. I believe in your first theory . We are damaging then nature a lot and in a way it is taking its revenge .