Friday, 18 October 2013


It's maybe not so secret to folks who live/work in Croydon, but I had never heard of Tilford Park before we met the grandchildren there at the weekend.  Getting to it involved driving through a seemingly huge estate.  That's probably why I had never found it before.

It had lots of the sort of wild parkland that kids love

 and some cultivated parts that were equally fun.  I think someone's been cheating in this maze.

There was also a small zoo with the sorts of animals that kids enjoy watching.  But, as if to emphasize the secrecy of the place, MI5 seemed to have posted some mysterious code messages around the place.
I wonder what it means.

Since spending a couple of days with the kids, I have been fighting to throw off an incipient cold.  Why is it that kids are so contagious, yet seem not to get so ill themselves?  Anyway, I'm trying to walk it off.  Tomorrow I go on my third 10 mile walk this week.

In between, I am dosing myself up with Marmite, coffee and honey.  And look what I have just been sent!

That should knock any germs on the head. 


  1. Parakeets usually are green in the wild but I like the blue mutations better. Now I want one again. I haven't had one since I kept them in my classroom. Then for the holidays I would draw a name (student who had parent's permission) to take them home to look after. I used to set them free in the afternoons during art and music. They would sing along with us and also screeched each morning during the singing of O Canada, amusing us all. It was a great way to start the day. They were easy to catch and put back in their cage before opening the doors to release the students.

  2. Looks a nice place. Had to smile at the MI5 'code' :-))

    My first though on seeing that chocolate was ....ugh!! But then I thought....hang on...I like chocolate....and I like why not!!! I'm gonna keep an eye out for that and give it a try.

  3. Oh no!!! how can they do that to chocolate???!!!??? Marmite...

    1. My first reaction was 'how can they do that to Marmite!'