Thursday, 14 November 2013


I have been listening to Hot Chocolate this week.  Here's a nice one of theirs for you.


And it made me think - there are quite a few songs about accepting friendship when what is really desired is something more. But they all seem to be great songs.  Maybe they are written with poignant significance?  Or just sung with real feeling?

I immediately thought of course of Carole King.  Here's her take.

But there is another nice song on the same lines, not sure who wrote or sung the original, but I like this version by Mavis John.


And, finally, I have always thought of this song by Abba as having the same meaning. 


Any songs of this ilk that please you?

Anyway, some nice songs to listen to while I'm away.


  1. I think I am so old that I still like Carole King the most.

  2. I think this blog should have a "like" button like Facebook.

  3. Time to read this just now Neil. I'll come back to it