Friday, 8 November 2013


What a fabulous day I had yesterday!

I had a bowl of Frosties, a slice of toast and half a cracker with some cream cheese for breakfast.  And a cup of tea of course.  Later I had another half a slice of toast and a piece of a nutty chocolatey thing (which was delicious, but which I later found out had been retrieved from down the back of the settee).  Then I went to Singalong at playgroup, where I ate 1 grape, a piece of cheese, the last inch of a bread stick and a slice of pear.  And a cup of coffee.

We then went to Kids Hour at the Lime Tree Cafe where I had another cup of coffee, some baked beans, another piece of bread stick, a bite of an apple (and I think that was a cheese string with it . . .), and 2 raisins.  Then to Waitrose for a free cup of coffee.  And, back home for tea, a chocolate marshmallow and a spoonful of rice pudding.

That must be all the nutrients I need for growing! (Do nutty chocolatey things count towards my five a day?).

Here is the Lime Tree Cafe.


I think I've posted a pic of it before, but it has a curious end wall.

That evening we went off to Brighton to visit Chilli Pepper, a restaurant that received an award last year for its cuisine, which they explained to me is based on them having a chef from each of the main areas of India and then producing some sort of synergy in the kitchen.  Must be an Indian thing; I thought chefs attacked each other with cleavers given half a chance.  Anyway, the food was stupendous!  They don't do this one chilli symbol means hot thing; nearly everything has one chilli and the Goan chicken wings go up to 4 chillis.  So you can imagine how spicy the food is.  We had kedgeree, deep fried potatoes stuffed with coconut and coriander with tamarind and mint sauces, ginger garlic chicken in fenugreek sauce and a whole plaice in ginger, chilli and chickpea batter with mango rice and tomato curry.  Mmmmmm.  And not a tikka masala in sight!

Interestingly, for me, the restaurant is in a street which I used to consider a bit of a slum in my childhood - terraces of tiny houses along a narrow, slightly scruffy street.  But it has been completely rebuilt and is now almost entirely restaurants.  I think the only three buildings not restaurants are a hairdressers, Tesco Express and the library.

This is the library that some of you might be interested to see.

This is the Pavilion that I posted about the other day.  Thought you might like to see a pic of it at night.  So many ideas here for converting my summer house.

This is the entrance to Chilli Pepper.

And this is one course of our dinner.  Excellent!  But somehow I still had this nagging nostalgia for cheese strings.


  1. Although the 'daytime menu' was rather fun, I would most certainly like to visit Chilli Pepper. The food looks and sounds fantastic!! That's my kind of food.

  2. We're updating our summerhouse at the moment. Our inspiration is a Turkish koosh (sp). Really easy to keep the theme in mind in a cold wet November.

    The Chilli Pepper looks great... although without a tikka massalla it might take our family a while to place an order!

    1. Not sure what this is. Probably spelled 'kuş', but which of these is it -

  3. Not much of an ad this - it's called the Chilli Pickle!

  4. Did you spend the morning with the grandkids?