Friday, 22 November 2013


Wayfarers Walk 2

After a short journey back to Denmead, we were soon on our way across open country again.  The weather was rapidly clearing, after even a light fall of snow in the night, but it was so cold on the exposed stretches.


Just to give you an idea of what an Arctic wind sounds like, here's a short video:


 But the sun was trying to break through.

Maybe we would reach it down Speltham Down in the village of Hambledon.

And sure enough here was the sun shining on Hambledon cottages.

We popped into the interesting Saxon church here and found it being put to excellent use serving soup to visitors.

We pressed on however, taking pleasure from the autumn colours.

And, just to show that I am not off trend, here's a selfie showing me in the middle of nowhere in my present Lee Van Cleef persona.

Our next stop was in Soberham,

where we warmed ourselves with a coffee in the excellent White Lion.  Here we crossed what must have once been a railway line.

More lovely colours.

The path then crossed the River Meon, famous for the cleanliness of its water and its extensive watercress beds.

Yet another kissing gate.

And the last stretch to Corhampton, from where we will pick up the path again in a couple of months time, no doubt in even less balmy weather.  But first we needed to turn off to find a town.

A glimpse of the lovely Hampshire countryside as we descend to habitation.

And there it is - the villages of Corhampton and  Meonstoke and (more importantly) the Buck's Head.

But we can't stop Jeff, even at this late stage, from picking up strange females along the way.


  1. I love your walks, especially when I am inside and warm. I had read about kissing gates but had never seen one. Your countryside is so vast and I think of England as small and congested. You and Charlie have helped open my eyes.

    1. I am still always impressed, Karyn, at the vistas we encounter on this tiny island. You are welcome to accompany us; it's good to have you along!