Friday, 6 December 2013


It's now well into the Christmas season (ignore the fact that there have been Xmas trees in the shops since August) and the time for comps and puzzles is upon us.  (This is largely for Ian Evans, but anyone can play . . .).

Here is Ian's last song (or something like it - I've lost the original).  But how does that song link with this next one?

And how does that link with this?

Now you need to work out the link between that last one and this.

And, finally, what is the link from that song to this one?

How many links can you work out.?


  1. Are they all dead? My mind doesn't work like this. They all danced? They were all "flashes in the pan"? I await the wisdom of your answer.

  2. Can it be rock n roll at different years ? If my answer is too absurd it is because I'm very tired :-((

  3. OK, here are the answers, deduced by Ian.
    The link between 'I am the Walrus' and Seal probably was the easiest.
    The next link depends on you knowing that Seal also recorded a song called 'Crazy'.
    The link between 'Crazy' and Prince Buster is simply that Prince Buster's biggest and most famous song was 'Madness'.
    The next link is a little more obscure - The Artwoods were at one time known as St Valentine's Day Massacre which of course links directly with the subject of the Prince Buster song, Al Capone.
    If I make them easier next time, Ian will just guess them quicker . . .

  4. What do you mean "more obscure" ?

    1. Next one may be out tomorrow, Jeff. That'll be a bit more obscure.