Thursday, 27 February 2014


With the prospect of a reasonably fine day last week, I had an outing with one of the local ramblers groups.  We started from the White Hart at Whitley.  The pub has 17th century bits but I believe the original parts are 14th century.

And although it didn't rain until later, the signs of recent storms were all around.

 And we had to take a detour at this path (just as it started to rain!).


Some liked the water better than others.


I guess the golfers didn't like this much on the 4th green and 5th tee.


When the sun was out, the woodlands were beautiful.


I haven't posted any pornographic trees for a while, so here are a couple from this walk.

And there were stunning views across the Surrey countryside

with some pretty little cottages.

The Dog and Pheasant is a lovely pub, I suspect mostly 16th century, now a popular foodie restaurant.  We sat in the garden though and ate our sandwiches.

The footpath is hard to miss on the hill down the other side.  But it was perversely the hardest part of the walk, being wet and slippery and at a rather unhelpful angle.

We are blessed with snowdrops almost everywhere at the moment.

And then we were back in the old village of Whitley, with its historic cottages.

A nice example of the local pointing style called 'galletting'.


  1. OH.. MY,, Neil.. such a reminder of Charlie.. Thanks for the walk.. I really enjoyed it.

    1. My pleasure, Barbara. I couldn't replace Charlie, but will continue the tradition of posting walks.

  2. That one tree.. looks just like a woman's behind.. amazing..

  3. I envy your snowdrops. I am thirsting for any sign of spring. I agree with Barbara in Tacoma or wherever she is in Washington State now. You are our North American connection to our precious Charlie. And to think when I first connected with him 8 years ago, I thought Wildgoose was an avatar name. We laughed about it later. I surely do miss him and his fantastic walks. I really liked his canal narrow-boat blogs too. I would do one of those if I ever won the lottery. I will just keep buying tickets. Please keep up the porn biology. It reminds me of Charlie's Green Men.

  4. Thank you for taking me to the walk <3