Friday, 28 March 2014


Oh, it's Friday.  This is not just for you, Ian (at least it's not intended just for you) - anyone can have a go . . .  I've decided to make this one a bit of a world music selection; shouldn't be harder than some of the more obscure British songs . . .

This was Ian's last song.

So, what's the link between that and this:

Then find the link between that song and this one:

Now how does that song link with this one:

and, finally, how on earth does that link with this?


Send me a PM in Facebook if you think you have any of the links.  Enjoy!


  1. This is Ian's last song in case you can't open it.

  2. This is challenging.... a lot of thought required over the weekend

  3. So, here are the answers:

    The link between Ian's last song and my first is that their names are both the names of Japanese cars.

    Of course you have to play the video a little to discover Ms Suzuki's name.

    And you have to play it a little longer (and avoid being distracted by the dancers) to discover the name of the song - 'Delightful', which links to the group in my second song.

    If you play the third song, you will hear that the 'Six Different Ways' are 'inside my heart', that being the link with the previous song title.

    And of course the link between 'Maladie d'Amour' and The Cure is obvious once I have drawn attention to it . . . .

    It was fun putting this one together anyway. More anon.