Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I am not likely to be around tomorrow, as we're walking another leg of the Sussex Border Path.  Then, on Friday, we are off to Northumberland. 

When I retired, I decided that, as I hadn't travelled much in the UK, I would visit every major town and city and then maybe smaller towns and villages, starting with what I thought were the most well-known.  That sounds quite a lot I know, but I anticipated having few commitments and, perhaps once a month, that we would visit somewhere almost at random. 

The first city I chose was Great Yarmouth.  I don't know why I settled on Yarmouth.  Perhaps I subconsciously thought we'd start at the end of the alphabet and work our way backwards alphabetically.  But maybe I went about it the wrong way.  We didn't do any research; I thought we could just turn up, drive around a bit, walk around a bit, go to the Tourist Information office, have lunch, see the recommended sights and come home.  But Yarmouth wasn't 'great' at all.  In fact it was all rather horrible.

We didn't find any of the sights especially interesting and the fresh fish lunch was not particularly tasty either.  We were a little discouraged after that.  In practice, we now go down to the West Country once a month and wander around there instead.

But we are now attempting to reactivate our plans, if in a slightly different form.  So we are going to Northumberland, the most northerly county of England.  We have decided what we want to see while we are there and I have decided what I want to eat.  We will walk a little and no doubt eat a lot.  We are expecting it to be great.  See you in a week or so.


  1. Have a great time - hope the weather is kind to you. I know that if you take your laptop or whatever other gismo you have, we'll be hearing from you whilst you're away. You're addicted! Lucky us.

  2. Unfortunately, the lack of research was your downfall with Great Yarmouth. A typical seaside town that's seen better days, the really interesting stuff lies in the hinterlands behind, above and below Great Yarmouth, called the Norfolk Broads. A beautiful area of lakes and rivers, lots of windmills and pubs a-plenty. Although best seen by boat, you can tour the area by car.

    Enjoy your trip to Northumberland! I can think of a few visit-worthy places in that county off the top of my head.

  3. I expect you'll have a great time... we're off to Northmberland in October, so some tips would be most welcome

    1. Hi, Ian (for I guess you are he). I'll report back soonest.

      How do I link with your blog (although there's nothing there?)