Monday, 15 October 2012


Yesterday we went to the annual Borden Apple Festival.  This is Borden Hall in the grounds of which the festival took place. 

Of course, there were a lot of apples. And we tried all of them I think.  Apples are currently Isaac's favourite fruit, so he was in his element.            

 But there a lot of country crafts were being demonstrated too.
Wood carving.
 Bread making (my favourite).  And conservancy.  The kids were allowed to handle the toads (against the better judgement of parents and grandparents!).

 And maybe it's just as well most of the children weren't reading the notices.
 These are Isaac's boots with Teddy.


And here are Tom, Lily and Isaac.

And here's Imogen, who has just decided to walk.


  1. Borden Hall looks to be an interesting old building. How many different varieties of apple were there? Love that wood carving. Did a double-take at the rabbit sign. LOL.

    1. We tasted 16 I think (lost count actually). But the display had many more varieties. Egremont Russet seemed to be the favourite and we bought what turned out to be a small full. There was also a 'why keep chickens' board, which went through all the loveable, friendly, clean bits and ended 'when you get fed up with them, think sage and onion'.