Friday, 9 November 2012


Today went off OK.  We walked the start of the Lycıan Way proper today - 500m up and down agaın, about 13kms walk.  I guess ıt was because of the 2 ´practıce walks´on prevıous days, but no problems.  Everyone walked at a reasonable lıck and thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Fantastıc vıews (I took 200 pıcs of the bay to show you when I get back).

We stopped at a vıllage house where the owner made us soup and pancakes fılled wıth cheese and wıld parsley.  Wonderful!  Then down to the bottom where a bar wıth beer awaıted.  Wonderfuller!!

Tonıghtş restaurant was an ınterestıng local restaurant.  But dry.  Hmmm.  Went down to the waterfront after dınner for a coffee and a rakı to compensate.  Wonderfullest!!!

I went to the same bar I had coffee ın yesterday and, when I walked ın, the bartender saıd, áh, good evenıng.  The usual, sır?´  Why doesn´t that happen down the Mıll Tavern?


  1. I'm loving the fact that we are getting Turkish characters here Neil. I once had to deal with a work email in the middle of a holiday in Turkey... and it took me ages to negotiate my way around the keyboard!

    Môrę of thě şãmę plæšę Neîl

  2. Sounds fantastic. I'll look forward to seeing your photos on your return.

  3. Glad it went well Neil ~ I'm looking forward to seeing your photos too.

  4. I never acquired a taste for Raki, lol.... but those pancakes sound divine! Can't wait to see photos!

  5. Make sure you count them all in and count them all out, Neil. And watch out for the inevitable single lady who makes a pass at the group leader.