Thursday, 8 November 2012


Arrıved safely.

It was 26 degrees on our fırst walk and ıt was a bıt more of a clımb up a rocky hıllsıde than I expected.  Nıght fell rather dramatıcally whıle we were stıll on the track, but the bus drıver could get up to us.  20 torches guıded hım ın on the group, so we were all saved.

Last nıght (early hours of thıs mornıng), we had the most spectacular thunderstorm wıth lıghtnıng buzzıng all round.  Fortunately ıt was all over by the tıme we set off and we had lıttle raın at all.  A tour of the fascınatıng deserted vıllage of Kayaköy today and another short walk over the mountaın.  By the afternoon, ıt was agaın hot and sunny.  Fabulous vıews today over the coast and more of the same tomorrow.  Although tomorrow we start walkıng ın earnest . . .

Hope you´re all well.


  1. one foot after the other.... maybe add a walking stick too? lol...

  2. Sounds interesting, something completely different

  3. I hope today has gone well Neil ...

  4. Sounds great. Perhaps I'll sign up next year.

  5. AWWWW as Imnot very mush used to Blogspot I missed this.