Wednesday, 19 December 2012


I picked up some nasal coughy thing on the flight to Turkey 5 weeks ago and hadn't lost it by last week.  It wasn't a real problem.  I got a bit chesty in the morning, but I didn't seem to have a temperature or any other cold type symptoms.  But I was beginning to feel a bit low with the pressure round my eyes and when I coughed, I eventually gave myself a headache.  So I went to the doctor.

I get something like this every year.  I think my nostrils must be narrow or my sinuses slim.  Anyway last year my doctor wouldn't give me anything for it and told me to use a decongestant and take Paracetamol.  This year, the old one having retired, I have a new young doctor.

I told him about the decongestant and the Paracetamol.  'Oh, you've clearly been doing all the right things', he said.  'You shouldn't still have the infection.  I have no hesitation prescribing Amoxycillin.'  Great, I thought.  Treatment at last.

It is now 7 days later and the treatment has ended.  Do I feel better?  I'm not sure.  And then, yesterday, I read this.  Hmmm, back to the coffee and alcohol cure then.

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  1. Seems like the old Doc may have been on the right track after all :-))