Wednesday, 19 December 2012


I met up with some schoolfriends on Monday for a pre-Christmas lunch.  This meeting had three objectives - 1) to meet my old friends again (we actually meet fairly regularly, so perhaps only 2 objectives), 2) to get into the festive spirit (this is the eighth Christmas celebration I have been to so far, so perhaps only 1 objective) and 3) to eat something other than sausage rolls and mince pies which I seem to have lived on for the last couple of weeks.  But actually I could have stayed at home to eat something other than party food.  OK, maybe this was just another excuse for a party.

Anyway, we met up at The George in Alfriston.  I have mentioned this village before; it has a population of less than 800, but boasts an almost unspoilt mediaeval High Street, including three pubs.  This is the 15th century post office.  The windows are a modern addition (18th century).

Alfriston 009

This is the oldest building, The Star, built in the 14th century, but not made an inn until the 16th century.

Alfriston 015

It used to be used by smugglers, hence the old ship's figurehead outside.  And below is The Smugglers, which I assume was so named to distract the authorities from The Star.  It was built 10 years later than The Star and, similarly, was not an inn for a 100 years or so.

Alfriston 007

I think the silly present name was added quite recently.  We went to the oldest pub in Alfriston, The George.  This was built as an inn in the 16th century.

Alfriston 016

This is the main bar.

Alfriston 011

We enjoyed all the usual festive stuff - pheasant, venison, linguine (can't remember why we had that now), fish and chips, etc.  A jolly good time was had by all and we all liked the figgy pudding.


  1. What a lovely old village, love all those old buildings. The George looks worth visiting just because it has a real fire. I think a law should be introduced that all pubs should have a roaring open fire in winter!!

    1. Yes. Somehow, especially at this time of year, it makes the atmosphere.