Tuesday, 18 June 2013


The news may have escaped your attention, but, after perfumes that cost twice as much as those I buy from Boots because they have ‘Beckham’ written on them, or ‘JLo’ or Kloe and Lamar’ (who they??!  Oh, she’s a Kardashian – just Googled her), or underwear with . . . er . . . ‘Beckham’ written on them, or JLo, or, ah, ‘Kardashian’, which costs a lot more than M&S, the next big endorsement thing is beer.  Yes, you read that right, beer.

We have already had Iron Maiden beer – Trooper.


And recently, Madness decided to launch a rival – Gladness.

Now, hot (or slightly chilled) on their success, Hanson (remember them?) have launched ‘MmmHops’ (geddit??!)

Well, I think, before everyone rushes in and launches booze named after one of their famous hit records, I should explain that I have taken out copyrights on a few. 

Hoppier, Bitter, Frothier, Stronger for Daft Punk
Single Ladies (Put Another Pint in It) for Beyonce
One Wine or Another (bit more upmarket that one) for One Direction
And for Justin Bieber, well, Just Imbieber

I’m sure you will want to copyright some of your own now.  Oh, just thought of another

Friday I’m In Toxicated for The Cure.


  1. Yes, this news had escaped my attention. With hindsight, I'm amazed no-one thought of this well before now!!

  2. Ah, the heteroglossia of the beer label. Takes me back to my third year course at the OU. Exciting use of language.