Friday, 14 June 2013


It was a glorious day today and we went down to Hove Park.  When I was young, I think this park was just a semi-wild grassland.  Now it has facilities for children, sportsmen and those just out for a stroll.  It is also people-friendly.  This is one of the meadows for kids to play in.

Not sure what to make of this.

Nearby is the Emmaus project, in a converted 12th century manor house.  There are very few Norman manor houses left now in Britain.  There's not a lot left of this one.

The main building was converted  in the 17th century and then built into a convent in the 19th century.  Part of the original manor is on the left.  The rest of the building is typical Sussex Georgian.

Emmaus is a French charity that has become international.  The Emmaus philosophy is that the house offers a place of support for those in need, but that somewhere there is always someone suffering more and in need of even more help.  'Companions' who stay in the house are therefore encouraged to work to give help to others.  The main building houses a 'retro' furniture and furnishings warehouse; a second-hand product superstore (the largest in the south of England) is in an outbuilding, and there is a garden centre and a cafe, all run and maintained by the companions, who also run projects in the community, such as a mobile soup kitchen and the provision of sleeping bags and footwear for rough sleepers in the town.  

What struck me most though is the solidarity of the local community, which frequents the cafe and shops, donates to projects and generally contributes to the welfare of companions.  Local residents got together for example to create this mosaic floor for the companions in the cafe patio.

Not only that, but tea is 50p a mug and fish and chips cost £3.50!


  1. Looks like a lovely place. I can imagine strolling through the meadow in the first shot. I wonder who, or what, 'blib blob' was?? I've heard of 'Emmaus', although I didn't know much about it. Sounds like a very good philosophy behind the charity, it obviously has garnered a very good community spirit locally.

  2. Can we have a "like" button on your blogs please.

    1. That you comment is admiration enough, Jeff.