Monday, 22 July 2013


Jeffers, Countrybhoy and I, with significant others, decided to walk the 'new' docklands last week.  Here are some pic:

This is Canada Water, the starting point, with the new library in the centre.


I'm sure when I took this pic there was a small cloud  by one of the blocks.  But it must have been very small (or a mirage).  A feature of the Docklands walk is the old machinery and accoutrements of a major port, still preserved as monuments to that age.  This is a road lift over one of the channels.

And this is one of the new pleasant walkways with Canary Wharf in the distance.

The Wibbley Wobbley floating pub.

And here at last is the Thames itself.

But first a detour through surprisingly dense parkland.

And thus out again onto the Thames.

A cruise restaurant sails by The Grapes, one of London's oldest pubs.

From here you can see all of London's new skyscrapers - the Shard, the Cheesegrater,  the Walkie-Talkie, the Pinnacle, the Gherkin.

I thought she was hiding from us; Jeff thought she was displaying an artwork; actually she is building a shed in her back garden.

A fluffy tree.

The plaque showing the layout of the old docks.

The walk round Surrey Water.

Through the residential area.

With some interesting murals.

To a viewing platform, from where you can see the residential development on the north bank.

And thence the Mayflower, built in the 17th century (probably 1667, when most of the pubs burnt out in the Great Fire were rebuilt) and renamed the Mayflower to commemorate the ship which sailed from nearby to the New World.

Where we ended the walk in traditional style.


  1. A really pleasant walk, and obviously looks great on a beautiful sunny day like that. You sure the photo of the 'dense parkland' didn't get in there by mistake from a different set? LOL. I like the 'Wibbley Wobbley' floating pub, great name.

    1. Yes, I was a bit surprised by the woodland, Mitch. And the plan of the Docklands was on top of a hill - not sure where that came from either!

  2. I wish I was with you , must have enjoyed it very much .

  3. You are totally fascinating to this bush-bunny. I will never get to London but love reading your tales.