Monday, 22 July 2013


Went to a street art exhibition in Newton Abbot while I was in Devon.  Not sure it really lived up to its title though.  This is the entrance to the exhibition:

 Was the street furniture supposed to be art too?  Anyway, you will note the Banksy motif on the car.  There were others inside:

I guess they were there because a) they were street art and b) they had 2 original Banksys inside.

But that was it really.  There was an installation by an artist who makes everyday objects out of felt:

 A copy of Sgt Pepper's Bastards:

 And one other polemical poster artist:

But it was nice I suppose to reminded of the wit and creativity of Banksy. The exhibition was housed in a sort of arts collective or creative cooperative of studios.  None of the artists appeared to be at home, which was a pity, as there was almost every discipline represented from ceramics to knitting (is that a range?).  The only piece on display that caught my eye was this extraordinarily detailed mural produced in ball-pen:


  1. Like you, the only one that really interests me is that ball-pen mural, although the the picture featuring Mickey and Ronald is quite interesting....the juxaposition with the well-known image of the Vietnamese girl (if memory serves, she was running from a napalm attack) has a disturbing under-tone to it

  2. I was aware of Banksy but it was the Ronald McDonald and Mickey Mouse with the napalm girl that will be frozen in my brain. Great food for thoughts, if depressing.