Saturday, 10 August 2013


Today we were in Worthing.  It was the annual Birdman Festival.  Tomorrow the contestants actually try to fly from the end of Worthing pier in a variety of home-made flying machines.  The record, from last year, achieved with a hang-glider, was 106m.  But some of the 'vehicles' only in fact fly downwards.

Today was the turn of the intrepid jumpers.  The format is to dress as someone/thing, play appropriate music, perform for a minute or so on the platform, and then jump.  The rank banality of the event is no doubt what makes it so attractive.

Here are the spectators from the beach.  That's the platform barely visible on the end of the pier.

And here's a view of the promenade to give an idea of the gathered crowds.

And here's a short video to give you a flavour - one competitor, jumping as Fred Flintstone.

But the real reason we were there is that it was Imogen's second birthday party.  I can't believe she is 2 already.  In fact she suddenly started speaking in whole sentences recently (in English, instead of Imogenese), which makes her seem even older.  Here's the birthday girl (I think - she's in disguise).

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  1. I quite like the idea of this event. It's a typically eccentric British kind of the same league as cheese-rolling or bog-snorkelling.

    The birthday girl looked like she was enjoying herself.