Friday, 9 August 2013


Today it was the turn of the other two grandchildren.  Thank goodness for Ikea and its playroom.  Not only that, but free coffee!

After coffee, and while the kids were still in the play area, we accidentally bought a bath mat, some cutlery, a pillow, some serviettes, and very nearly some cushion covers.  As it was, we had splashed out £10.  Oh, the power of retail promotion!  Somebody asked me how far I walk each day - well, at Ikea it's 3 miles from the entrance, through the retail section, to the checkout.

Having rescued the kids from the horrors of the ball pit, we then attacked the restaurant.  Two fish and chips, one meat balls and chips, one pasta and tomato sauce, two desserts and two lingonberry juices.  That was another £10.  Expensive business this babysitting!

Then it was off to the park to try and burn off the rest of my - sorry, their energy.

Here is Tom using an early social networking platform to communicate with the girl you can just see at the other end of the playground.  Of course I made sure that the parental control button was pressed.

And here is Lily, who decided to dance on the stage, quickly attracting an audience (who actually applauded!).

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