Saturday, 24 August 2013


One of the reasons we seem to keep gravitating into Teignmouth while we are in the West Country is that they do seem to have a disproportionate number of festivals and events.  This month is the 9th annual Environmental Sculpture Trail or, as I call it, the recycled rubbish art trail.  The sea front is lined with sculptures (I suppose there's no other word for them) made out of bits and pieces recovered from the beach and countryside.

This piece is call Project Milkman.  It is made from milk bottles recovered by local.senior school students.

It's a man and a child and a dog - hard to see them all I've just realised.  Here's another angle.

And this one is called Ring of Fire.  It was supposed to be a celebration of creatures rescued from extinction, but, the artist admits, maybe now it looks like creatures threatened with extinction . . .

And this is called Last Voyage.  It is supposed to be a joyous piece acknowledging that we have at last begun to take steps to save our planet.

Here it is sailing on the sea  ¦ )


  1. Interesting and creative. Much better than it lying all over the beaches.

    1. It is, Mitch. But it always surprises me what they say they have found on the beach!