Thursday, 22 August 2013


While in Devon, we returned to the Dartmoor reservoirs I visited before (here). This time we walked right round the perimeters.  The start point we chose turned out to be not the best . . .

but the view of the Tottiford reservoir was unaffected.  This was the first of what are now 8 reservoirs in Dartmoor, built in 1861 (which is probably why refurbishment works are needed).

I've already posted a pic of the Kennick reservoir, so won't post it again; the Trenchford reservoir was frankly just a body of water, so I'll stick to the footpath pics.  The walk ran along the 'main road' for a while.  These are actually stone walls on either side (somewhat reclaimed by Nature).

Just before we left eventually and drove down this road, a gigantic earth-moving excavator came the other way to the dam reconstruction site.  We were relieved not to meet it in our car!  But we were equally disconcerted on the walk to encounter cattle in the forest.  Rather sinister appearance.

But mostly the views were buccolic.

We entered a fairly extensive forest.  I think this tree had been strangled by ivy before it was felled.

And this one looks as though its about to strangle anyone who passes.

It actually rained heavily for a while (can you see?), but the canopy was so thick, we stayed quite dry.

We eventually returned to Tottiford, crossing the head and following the right hand bank.

Close to the reservoirs we passed the village of Hennock.  This is the view from the pub garden.

Typical of the views we'd had of the surrounding Devon countryside.  The Palk Arms is famous for its home-made strawberry jam and clotted cream teas . . .

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  1. An interesting area. Not the most picturesque of your travels, but nice enough. I enjoyed those weird-looking trees.