Monday, 14 October 2013


We went down to Brighton today. As many of you will know, it is where I was born and where I probably know best in the world, although it changes so often and so much that that assertion is perhaps a little in question now. All those streets I used to drive down that are now one way streets; all those pubs that are now restaurants; all those restaurants. Yes, Brighton has become a bit of a gourmet town. One place that hasn't changed is the Royal Pavilion, the beach cottage built by George IV, which he came to like so much, he lived there quite often and certainly for some time before he was King. This is part of the somewhat austere exterior.

We weren't allowed to take photographs inside, so I bought a postcard to give you some idea of the spartan conditions in which George lived.  This is the modest dining room.

 Another part of Brighton that has hardly changed is the Lanes.  These are a network of narrow streets that were part of the original fishing village.  They remain as shops and restaurants and are now one of the prime areas for independent jewellers, and craft shops. 

Here are a few shots.  

The Bath Arms (on the left) used to be the only pub actually in the Lanes, but the Font opposite is now another, converted (as its name suggests) from a church.

This is the back of the Sussex Arms, an 18th century coach house, particularly popular then with smugglers, which is now open at the front after some of the older Lanes were demolished.


And this is the Druids Head, dating from the 16th century, also now open to the front, one of the few pubs in Brighton that survives without music deafening those there to drink and chat.


It has one of my favourite pub exteriors - flint and brick.

But there are Lanes that demolition has now detached from the shopping area.  This lane leads to the shopping area, but it is lined with private houses.

And this lane is just rear entrances.



  1. I see you are choking on your tongue again as it gets stuffed into your cheek. How long can you hold it there? Those last pictures are places I wouldn't go without a sumo wrestler to protect me.

    1. I think a sumo wrestler would get stuck in there.

  2. i recall visiting Brighton many many years ago. Of course I recall seeing the Royal Pavilion, but I don't recall The Lanes. Seems I completely missed that part of the town. Very interesting area.