Wednesday, 16 October 2013


A few random pics from my recent walking tour of Andalusia.

There are a few more pics of Cordoba and Granada in the Moorish Trail set.

Here's a typical night shot of Seville.  This was taken about 8pm, but the street looked pretty much the same until at least midnight.

A courtyard inside the Alcazar.

A courtyard inside a nice restaurant.

One of my favourite views in Granada.


  1. Some great shots there, Neil. Love that little courtyard. That enormous paella on the set on Flickr looks very interesting!! LOL. This all takes me back to the 80's when I toured most of these places.

  2. The word that comes to mind after looking at your file of photos is JUXTAPOSITION.... and you are so good at it, or is it just the way you organize your file of pictures afterwards without thought to the contrasts? I think you know what your are up to there with your photo files. Thank you again for taking me to places I will never get to in this old lifetime.

    1. I don't organise the pics in any particular way, Karyn, but I do find myself taking photographs sometimes in the opposite direction from the others with me. Perhaps it's just what appeals to me. It's good to have you along when I'm out.